The unpopular story that was rejected by publications.

This story was initially submitted to publications but was rejected without disclosure. Why was it rejected? Your guess is as good as mine.

For a couple of years, I have spent a portion of my weekends listening to founders pitch their startups to investors in an attempt to explain why their business is the next big thing with a high chance of success. Very often they are asked a common question “Why are you building this?”. The popular response often revolves around how their product is a reflection of their passion. But why is this a common response? I have…

An insider’s prediction of 8 important supply chain opportunities.

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If you’re a product manager, analyst, founder, investor, or just curious about e-commerce, this is for you. This is written to answer some of the questions I have been asked by founders and investors who are exploring opportunities in e-commerce. The information within this publication does not constitute investment advice, but rather, it is a prediction of where I see the trending lines of innovation. Opinions expressed here are solely mine and not the views of any organization.

📖 Story Time: Imagine this story

There’s a king (but, you’re not the king…at least not yet) who rules a large community and has surrounded himself with the…

The sad reality of the silent leader in the wake of injustice

As someone who became a U.S Citizen not too long ago, it really drains me to think about the injustice I have witnessed in America. Growing up in Nigeria, the police force wasn’t so great either, but we all assumed that in a “civilized world” these issues would not exist, or that it would be better. That was the longest lie I ever told myself until I moved to the United States and saw for myself, that racism is a strong part of the American culture and that there is so little effort to change the status quo.

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Eight years…

Immigrant Journey from F1 Student to U.S Citizen

I want to write about my life, maybe because it has had its ups and downs in my 27 years on earth. However, I will focus on the last 7 years, which account for the most challenging and successful years of my life, primarily as an immigrant in United States. I have no problem writing about these experiences if sharing my experience as an immigrant helps someone else.

Countdown timer by Felix

In 2012, I made the decision to relocate to United States for academic studies in computer science at Wiley College. Unaware of what the…

A System rigged against its people

Haven watched the outrage over the 10-year sentencing in Botham’s case, I strongly believe there’s a fundamental problem that needs to be addressed with the American “Justice” system. With nearly 2.3 million prisoners behind bars, the United States continues to lead in it’s incarceration rate in the world.

Facts of the matter

  • Amber Guyger, a white Dallas police officer, fatally shot her unarmed black neighbor, Botham Jean in his apartment.
  • Amber Guyger was convicted of murder by a 12-member jury in the shooting of Botham Jean, who was living freely in his own apartment.
  • The 12-member jury sentenced Amber Guyger, to 10 years in…

Hired on the site of Hurricane Katrina

I may not always remember the exact place I am every single day of my life, but some days will forever be clear and memorable.

Some days come with the extra twist that forever leaves a mark we could never forget. Some days come with memories we wish we could forget forever. For some, these days are often driven by tragedy, like the memory of where we all were when the news of 9/11 attack was announced, or the many numerous disasters that happen around us each day.

While those are all reflections, good and bad, this isn’t the focus…

I returned, only to discover a new company.

I recently returned to IBM after exactly 3 years away from my last role within the company as a product manager. Since leaving IBM, I have been involved in a number of very exciting and challenging projects, from turning an idea to a venture backed startup now valued at $10 million, to building a Microsoft backed software business that leverages energy data from IOT devices to power homes in West Africa, to launching a $2 million seed focused venture capital firm @entrancevc that supports founders with capital to build their startups and expand operations to an African country, and even…

The high cost of protecting myself while traveling in America.

My career requires that I travel so often. This means traveling by air about 3 times a month and renting a car at every destination I get to with exception of a few. Over the last few years, I’ve entrusted my safety in the hands of a reliable rental company, Hertz. No matter how short the trip, and although it costs more, I always opt for hertz luxury vehicle options when they are available.

But Why do I do this? Why do I spend more to upgrade a rental car?

The reason: I believe I am making efforts to get…

A true story of a formula that works for many successful people today

We often think our stories are so unique to us, and our problems are only experienced by us, but this wrong, and I will share a reason why. This reason will help you understand how to focus on the right things in the midst of immense chaos.

On thanksgiving day, while everyone was either busy eating or sharing exciting moments with their family, I stepped away from my house, took a walk with my dog, and I called 4 of my mentors who are either successful venture capitalists or Executives, and I asked a short question. “What is your story?”.

Loving memories they say last forever, but Loving people live on to build more memories.

To know a man whose life’s goal was always to improve others is to know a man who understood the importance of every breath he had in this world.

For many, reading this article may be the first time they hear of his passing, and for some, it may be the very first time they hear of you, but regardless of when we get this news, one thing will always remain true, your impact is beyond anything imaginable.

Few minutes after getting off a flight, I was greeted with the news of your passing. I stopped, read the message again…

Felix Ekwueme

Building Supply Chain products @Amazon. Formerly @Wayfair, @IBM. Investing at @entrancevc.

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