The unpopular story that was rejected by publications.

An insider’s prediction of 8 important supply chain opportunities.

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📖 Story Time: Imagine this story

There’s a king (but, you’re not the king…at least not yet) who rules a large community and has surrounded himself with the…

The sad reality of the silent leader in the wake of injustice

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Countdown timer by Felix

A System rigged against its people

Facts of the matter

  • Amber Guyger, a white Dallas police officer, fatally shot her unarmed black neighbor, Botham Jean in his apartment.
  • Amber Guyger was convicted of murder by a 12-member jury in the shooting of Botham Jean, who was living freely in his own apartment.
  • The 12-member jury sentenced Amber Guyger, to 10 years in…

Hired on the site of Hurricane Katrina

I returned, only to discover a new company.

The high cost of protecting myself while traveling in America.

A true story of a formula that works for many successful people today

Loving memories they say last forever, but Loving people live on to build more memories.

Felix Ekwueme

Building Supply Chain products @Amazon. Formerly @Wayfair, @IBM. Investing at @entrancevc.

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