• Duanchelle Lewis

    Duanchelle Lewis

  • Bright Mene Sunday

    Bright Mene Sunday

    CEO & Founder, Candrana | Web Developer

  • Dane Simmons Jr.

    Dane Simmons Jr.

    Founder. Creator. Angel Investor.

  • Andrew Shi

    Andrew Shi

    Retail, consumer goods, and technology aficionado. Fitness enthusiast. Proud Texas Longhorn and Columbia Biz MBA.

  • Kaushal Wadhwani

    Kaushal Wadhwani

  • Miles D.

    Miles D.

    Capital Markets specialist, Serial Entrepreneur, Managing Partner @ Devland

  • Ebeh Elisha

    Ebeh Elisha

    An Android Developer, Aspiring Full Stack Developer

  • LetSign


    Your certificate generation process made simpler than before! Automate and digitalize your certification program with LetSign. Check us out https://letsign.org/

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