WHY BOYCOTTS DO NOT WORK: Social Media’s Instant Outrage and forgiveness

Do you believe in forgiveness? How about second chances? Of course we all do. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone forgives, but how quickly?

Social Media Virality creates opportunity for us to be just a little more angry by the day.

People post things to their social networks that they probably never would have called or texted dozens of people over the phone to share. This opens up a dialogue for people who share similar or opposing views to take massive action on issues, and this often results in companies losing billions of dollars to outraged customers.

We love to be outraged as much as possible. We also love to be viral as quickly as possible, but we are too outraged to manage all at once, so we forgive and move on to the next issue.

In response to the ongoing Nike fiasco, this too shall pass, as people begin a search for the next company or person to be offended by. Once this occurs, Nike stocks will stabilize, and America will be back to business as usual.

Building Supply Chain products @Amazon. Formerly @Wayfair, @IBM. Investing at @entrancevc.

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